Wild Woman

a blog about loving your inner wild, expressing your authentic radness, filling up your soul's gas tank, loving wholeheartedly and dancing free.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~Nelson Mandela   I haven’t been in the best place lately so I decided it was better not to write about it because I haven’t figured anything out yet. But then I thought, why not write about it? Why not be honest about where I’m at while I’m in it. A big part… Read more →


About a month ago I was itching for some authentic socializing so I invited some lady friends over to my house for a wild gathering. This is the invite I designed. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I envisioned dancing around our new fire pit, eating and drinking tasty things, late night chats under the kiwi tree and of course getting some henna tattoos. Say… Read more →


I believe in saying thank you. I’m not perfect and I know I forget from time to time but overall I try to be conscious about saying it. When someone does something nice or puts out some extra effort I believe the right thing to do is say thanks. It’s not hard but it seems to be more of a… Read more →